Pixel Ads

$1 Pixels Measure Here.

Once you have read and agreed to the terms above please follow the steps below to purchase your pixels:

Make payment using the PayPal link below. Make sure you make your payment for the exact number of pixels.
Email your order to audiozombiepromodept@gmail.com including the following
Your image - correct size as JPEG
Your chosen location in blocks, i.e. 10 blocks across and 10 blocks down referring to the top left corner of your image
Your link beginning 'http://​ 


For as low as a $100 a month you can sponsor a music station. Your logo or advertisement image will surround the entire cassette tape over lapping the background. Right now for a $1000 you can be a sponsor for a year, You pay for 10 months and get the last two for free.

You can pick the already existing station or you can be the first sponsor to bring a new music station to life. 

Advertise on the site for as low as $1!

​​Advertising space is cheap but we do have some standards.

THANK YOU for keeping Audiozombie commercial free. Thousands of people everyday have to see Audiozombie’s website just to listen to any of the free music stations, so your ad will be seen. As of right now we our having a SALE on our Pixel Ads, buy 2 Pixel Ads get 2 Pixel Ads free or you can purchase an individual Pixel Ad for $1. You can also buy blocks together to suit your logo, so if you want 50 long by 10 high that’s 500 blocks and your ad will appear on Audiozombie's homepage. We do have ad space on our desktop and mobile players available, the prices are available after we present to you the terms and conditions to advertise with us.

  • Terms and Conditions
  • There’s no minimum or max when it comes to Pixel Ads.
  • When you purchase pixels or Space Ads you are purchasing the right to submit an image and have that image displayed on the website. You will not own any part of this website.
  1. First come, first serve when it comes to the ad space. If the space you chose has already been taken, i.e. a submission just before yours, feel free to advice us of another spot you have in mind. We will endeavor to place your image in this new spot. We will re-position your image only once if the considered spot is taken.
  2. Once submitted your image, and link cannot be changed. 
  3. Your image will remain on the site for a month, after a month you will have to renew to keep the spot of your ad. In extreme situations we will make our best endeavors to change an image or link i.e. in the case of a law suit. If you decide to not renew your ad gets pulled. In the case you have a change of mind to renew after your ad gets pulled, we cannot guarantee you the same spot.
  4. We will not accept any image or link that promotes or incites porn, violence, racism, discrimination or any other offensive or undesirable activity. We will not enter into a dialog in this case and the decision is final.
  5. We reserve the right to remove links to sites that subsequently change and then point to undesirable sites as described above.
  6. Once your image is accepted and published we will not provide a refund.
  7. Images must be submitted in a large size format so that when we reshape the size of the image to fit the space purchased it will not have a distorted look to it.  
  8. Your submission of an image or logo implies you have the rights to that image or logo.
  9. Submissions will not be published until payment is received and cleared.
  10. Submissions will be published on a first come first served basis and as soon as humanly possible. Under normal circumstances we expect to publish images within 48 hours.
  11. Your payment and submission of an image confirms acceptance of these terms.
  12. At the moment we are open to bartering or cross promoting.. For any questions please email them to audiozombiepromodept@gmail.com
  13. ​​Air-Time Bartering: If you are a musician or band and are wanting air time for your music on any of our stations we will barter with you. We will play your  single 3 times in a 24 hour music rotation for a month but as long as you agree to advertise the single being played on any social media platform of your choosing example: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If your interested please email us at audiozombiemusicdept@gmail.com.